Important Notice For All Property Owners!


To begin, we want to say that we are always concerned with the well-being of our community and our customers here in South Jersey. With this comes passing any news on to you to assure you are best informed when it comes time to make a decision. This mentality, incorporating honesty and work ethic into one, has allowed us to build strong and long-lasting relationships with the wonderful people of this region. With that being said, we have recently become very concerned with how a national window and door company has been advertising to local homeowners, condominiums, and hotels within the area. 

Without mentioning the name of the business for numerous reasons, you should be aware that this company is advertising a free one-year financing and 40% off on the purchase of their products. They also advertise that the offer expires at the end of the month. However, it is repeated every month. Furthermore, the free financing is ONLY available because their quote to the customer is so inflated. Also, they advertise all products are made to size ... but 95% of the time the huge available selections of sizes by this manufacturer will fit the existing opening.

Therefore, if you are in the market for any of these products, just be aware of this information. We suggest that it would be wise to get a comparison bid from a reputable may be shocked!

Please share this information with friends and family!


The Casiello Team

Hope all is well after Storm Jonas!

With the heavy damage our community incurred during the recent winter Storm Jonas, we hope everyone and their properties saw limited damage! Unfortunately most experienced a great deal of damage. Therefore, if we can help in anyway in the repair process please give us a call at 609-522-2968 or feel free to visit us at 6301 Pacific Ave, Wildwood Crest. Thank you and stay safe!

Best Regards,

Casiello Team